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Lower triple tree Part#

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New to the forum and wanted to introduce myself. Just acquired an '05 1100 Classic from my son, which some members may recognize, and wanted to inquire if anyone has the part# for the lower tree. The parts fiche doesn't show any numbers for it. I'm contemplating switching from the Pacific Coast Star 6 degree rake front end to the stock setup if I can find the right parts at the right price of course. The 6 degree looks awesome but for an older rider it's just not me.
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Parts book


The parts book is available on line at Starmotorcycles.com.


Looks like your part number for left and right forks.
Front fork assembly RH 5KS-23103-20-00
Front fork assembly LH 5KS-23102-20-00

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Thanks, I'll check it out.
OUCH! $$$$ I just found the triple tree. I guess Yamaha decided to place the lower triple tree in the front fork section instead of in the steering section for some reason. Well guess I'm off looking for a used front end cause those parts are for the rich only. No wonder Insurance companies total wrecked bikes cause it's way cheaper. Thanks for the help
Watch E bay

Keep an eye on e bay. sometimes a person will customize a bike and sell the old stuff.


Yeah, I've been on ebay the last few weeks. Concerned about the triple trees from an older model though. Basically just need the t-tree & fork tubes to get started. I at least still have the h-bars and upper and lower mounts. Is there a good reference for Yamaha fork tube sizes on the net?
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