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luggage rack backrest question

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Hello I do not own a vstar but my dad does and he is not good with computers but loves his 2001 vstar. He wants to put a luggage rack and a back rest on his bike and he is cheap haha. I saw some on ebay but his is a classic and they all said custom for fitment and I was not sure if it was the same. And if anyone has a suggestion on somewhere else to look into let me know. I can powder coat anything he gets so more worried about fitment then chrome appearance.
He is trying to keep price around 150 to 200 or less
thanks to all that can help
below is a link to the one I found

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The long arms that mount the assembly to the fender bolts are different on the Custom in that the spacing of the bolt holes are different.

Other than that, the upright and backrest is the same. That luggage rack in that photo will fit both bikes also.
so would that work if i redrilled the holes or is it more to it then that
Thanks again
I'm not so sure if it's just a matter of drilling some more holes.
The arms for the Custom are longer I believe, than they are for the Classic. I do know that the saddle bag brackets are different.

Maybe someone with more knowledge will chime in here on this.

But the backrest bar and the luggage rack that mounts to where the sissybar mounts...are the same. In fact, the luggage rack on my Classic, was listed for the 1100.
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