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luggage rack

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I am looking to throw a luggage rack where the rear seat sits for an 1100 v star custom.

I have searched and just find a lot of the off the rear luggage racks for the sissy bar.

I am looking for something a bit more practical without having to get a sissy bar.

Any suggestions? Pictures or links would be appreciated.

I have found a couple small solo luggage racks but they are a bit on the smaller side and really only serve cosmetic purposes. I am thinking I might just have to get one fabricated but, for time and money purposes, would rather not.

This is the only one that I have found that resembles what I am looking for but can't find any pictures of it on a bike to determine if it is large enough...

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Don't buy that one it won't fit your custom.

Yea, that link says it is for the silverado...here is one that says it will fit the custom, but it does look like the holes don't line up for my custom (2005). Do you know this from personal experience?
They must have changed the design since I got mine. Those two brackets are throwing me off. Mine has only one bracket in the front and mounts directly to the two holes that were left by the removal of the pillion seat bracket. That one looks like it mounts to the bracket itself. (Not as clean imo). By the way mine's an 07.
Rear fender

Isn't the rear fender plastic on a custome? And, would it be strong enough for a luggage rack?

I am pretty sure it isn't plastic. It supports a passenger and I don't see why it wouldn't be able to support a luggage rack.

You are probably right, I saw an abbreviation in the parts book saying Comp, thought it might mean composite. And the back end looked molded. If it holds the seat there should be no problem as you said even if it were plastic.
I knew the front fender is plastic so I wondered. I had a classic so no first hand knowledge.
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