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Hi, As I mentioned before, I'm considering a Star 1300. Although I normally ride solo, my wife or young son occasionally rode with me on my Goldwing. So they are used to comfort, smoothness and hand grips. Other than doing the obvious (adding aftermarket seat, passenger boards and backrest), what other upgrades exist to make the Star 1300 more "passenger friendly" for ex-Goldwing riders? In particular, I am referring to passenger backrests with a larger surface area and passenger hand rails (my boy feels insecure without them).

I know for these features I would probably be better off getting a RoadStar or larger Yamaha bike. However, since they rarely ride with me, I don't want to pick the bike just for them (I prefer lighter bikes for just myself). Then again, I want it to be as comfortable as possible for them when/if they do ride with me on Star 1300. That way, I can sell the Goldwing and only keep one bike.

Lastly, since I haven't yet got my Star 1300, is there much difference between the stock windshield on Tourer model and other aftermarket shields like Memphis Shades? I'm debating between the Tourer model and the base model which I can then install another aftermarket shield & passenger backrest on.

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