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Manuals for sale

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If anyone is in need of a Yamaha Service Manual I have most of them in electronic format. I can email them to you and send you a backup copy on disk, please be aware that most of the manuals are 7-15 MB and some email programs will not accept files that large. All files are in PDF format allowing you to print the entire manual or any part you desire. Please contact me if you are interested, and to make sure I have the manual you want. All Service Manuals are $25.00 which includes the email (if requested) and the hard disk copy. I prefer payment via PayPal, but I am open to other options if needed.

Thanks, ManualMan
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INTERESTED in electronic

Let me know and we can hook up to send MB no problem

25$ thats pretty steep, i got a manual for my vstar at imracingmanuals.com for 10$, I am looking to buy the 2009 vstar 1100, do you happen to have that manual?
need manual for 1985-86 maxim-x 750,the model # XJ750XS

I have a 1985 -86 maximX 750, model number #XJ750XS. Do you have this manual?
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