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Hi all
I posted this in the engine section but i'm hoping this forum gets more traffic, so i apologize for the double post.
2009 vstar 650, with a dead pickup coil. I'm guessing i fried it when i hooked up a battery charger without unhooking the battery cables.
I got a stator/pickup coil from ebay for about $100 and replaced it.
The bike now starts, but runs really bad, with massive backfiring (sounds like a gun shot) and flames coming out of the back cylinders exhaust pipe. While the motor runs, only the front cylinder gets hot, the back cylinder stays cool to the touch.
If the back cylinder spark plug wire is unplugged, the motor runs better, no more backfiring. If the front one is unplugged, the motor will not start.
I've taken the carbs apart and cleaned them, i've swapped the plugs and coils, i've put in fresh gas, nothing helps...i'm thinking maybe the stator has some bad coils on it and dont fire correctly? but wouldn't that affect both cylinders?
I'm about to tear out what little hair i have left on my head...then take it to the dealer and get ready to pay out the butt...any help or suggestions on what to test next would be greatly appreciated.
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