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Greetings All,
You Guys share some good stuff I've been so busy reading I forgot to submit my own question.
I have a 07 V Star 1100, Silverado and desided to purchase the Star Concho to mount on the backrest. The on-line catalog states that the Concho has an adhesive backing and will mount to the flat metal plate of the backrest. Turns out the back of the Concho is concaved and the gum like adhesive conforms to that. It appeared to me that very little adhesive would make enough contact with the flat plate to be secure for any length of time. I solved the issue with some fabrication and a bolt. My question is; Has any one else run into this problem and tried to contact Star for a fix? I've been unable to find a customer service number, web site where problems can be addressed.

Thanks for your eyes,
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