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from the report:

In 2015 45,555 MC were stolen.
The top five makes stolen in 2015, from highest to lowest, were:

American Honda Motor
Yamaha Motor Corp
American Suzuki Motor Corp
Kawasaki Motors Corp

and Harley-Davidson Inc.

Not sure how to take this? Are Honda's and Yamaha bikes more desirable to steal
or are they easier to steal?

I have owned 4 Saturn cars, and learned there were only 4 or 5 unique keys for each model made, which made them very easy to steal if you do not have the keyfob alarm.

It is also somewhat common for Saturn owners to get in a car same make and color, and drive off, before they realize its not their car.

BTW, I can think of a slew of HD jokes based on this report, but I will restrain....

The entire report is very interesting reading. Overall a young rider on a supersport MC with no license, riding drunk at night with no helmet while speeding has no chance in hell of living another year.
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