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motorcycle trunk

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hi folks - just got a new strat S - looking to get a trunk for the back so I can hit the road - what type does anyone have on their Strat?


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Hi Scott,
Congratulations on your new Stratolinier, I have an 06 love it. There are several trunks available, I do not have one myself Corbin seems to be a top choice, but, it is the most expensive. I see one on E Bay occasionally, not sure of the quality of that one. I have attended a few bike nights hoping to see something but, not many around. Got a show coming up in Cleveland end of this month. Maybe I will see something there. Here is a link to one you can look at. For now I use a Rally pack Canvas bag.

thanks dave

thanks Dave - I had not seen those ones! the leather covered one looks like it will match my saddlebags (also leather covered).

There is a huuuuuge show in toronto next week - I wil drive down there and have a peek

many thanks again !

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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