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mounting bolts for passenger floorboards

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I just picked up cobra rear floorboards off ebay which didnt include the mounting bolts does anybody know what size I need to get for the install on a 2001 1100 Classic?

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Can you remove the foot peg bolts and use them for a sample. Most hardware stores will have stainless metric allen bolts of several lengths. Add the thickness of your floor boards to the depth the old bolts were in and you should have it.

LOWES has a MASSIVE aisle of parts

home depot has a few.

nothern tool is cheaper, but seems to have less.

i would ride up htere, park under the lumber pick up awning
and ask a sales assistant to walk out with you with a hand ful.

should not be a problem
thanks for the help HD had exactly what I needed 8mmx24mm bolts
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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