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Hi new to this looking for info on MPG
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I ride a 2006 v-star not getting the mileage i thought i would
My 07 - 1100 gave me around 150 miles to a tank, not sure on the conversion but i think it is around 33 MPG in US gallons
1998 V-Star 650 Classic

Hi Turbo;

My 1998 Mikuni carb V-star 650 gets about 50mpg average when I am light on the gas. That was with the engine running a little lean. Baffles were drilled without a jet kit.

First check on wifes 650, was right @50 mpg. All stock.Normal driving, she was following me on my Jackpot, so she wasn't holding back.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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