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Ill throw my bike into the ring!

Make/Model: Yamaha Royal Star
Eng size:1300 V4
Modifications: Bub 4 into 4 pipes, Corbin seat, K&N Filter, Bigfoot Mod, Grips, Pegs, Hopefully more to come!

Accessories:Bags, Boards, Shield, Backrest,

Length of time to build:I bought it mostly this way 1 year ago

And the story/inspiration/additional comments: I bought it and got a good deal on it. Found out a little while later why. It had an issue where it would die in the wind. It took me a while.... OK the girlfriend figured it out! She told me and I found after the P.O. did the bigfoot mod, they took off a cover over the airbox. I put this on and could ride in a class 5 hurricane!

Its been a great bike, I put 7500 miles on last year and hope to get 14k miles on this year ONTO THE PICS!

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