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There is a lot more fabrication to my build than you seem to have over looked.
Starting at the front.....I extended the front tubes 6 inches - Cut the front fender for that 'leading axle' look -
I fabricated a piece of diamond plate to cover the wires after I removed that UGLY headlight - Installed dual
headlights - changed the bar risers and used z bar handlebars - cleaned up the wires on the left handlebar area -
moving back to the seat area I made a cover plate out of diamond plate, painted it black then filed the high areas
for a nice look, then installed a custom seat - I had to fabricate a cross bar to hook the seat onto - I then had to fabricate
a rear fender mounting bracket - I then fabricated a rear fender from a trailer fender - I then fabricated a mounting
bracket to hold my side mount license plate unit - I then extended my forward controls out another 6 inches to make it
easier for me - as far as my red bags and seat I think they add to the overall look of my bike - Sounds to me like you are
bias already? - All bikes should be judged fairly without personal bias.....Just my opinion....
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