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My Custom 2006 Midnight Roadliner

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New to the forum, hello to all...This is my "MIDNIGHT EXPRESS"

First night at my house!

2006 Yamaha XV1900 Roadliner Midnight
1900cc Fuel Injected, air-cooled, 48 degree V-Twin
975 Original Miles
Date Purchased: 12/28/2009
I added the grip and lever fringe covers

Upgrades already done on the bike include:
Cobra Speedster Short Shots
Dynojet Power Commander III
Lowered 2 inches
Chrome alloy wheels, and drive sprocket.

I'm a former Harley Electra Glide Classic "Liberty Edition" owner. When I say former, I mean the Harley's for sale right now.

I rode my uncle's 04 Midnight Silverado 1700 a few years back when he asked me to take it for a spin. I never told my Harley buddys, but I was in love! It rode like a Cadillac, and shot me down the road like a bullet. The search was on. When I found this bike, and saw the price...it was like a puppy in the pet store begging me to take it home. And I love puppies! So I took it home!

I would tell you how much I paid for this out-the-door, but you wouldn't believe me anyways. My Harley buddys are going to be pissed off this next summer when they see and hear this bike. Not to mention how much it cost me.

If this bike is anything like the reviews, it's gonna be a great summer in 2010! Thanks for looking at my bike and reading my story.
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Congrats, beautiful bike! Welcome to the Star family. Ride safe and Happy New Year
Congrats Dinger. I was on my way to HD big time (an Electra Glide classic or Ultra, I figured) until I demo-ed a Stratoliner at a bike meet and that was it for me, I had found 2-wheeled Nirvana. A couple of weeks later I had a new '06 Roadliner in the garage (though I was really impressed with the pic of your bike in the house, dude- where they belong IMHO!).
Got only a couple of thousand miles on her since August (and wicked winter is here now) but can't say enough about it. Fantastic motor, awesome handling, terrific styling. I put the Cobra speedster X-tra longs on her, sounds fantastic. It only gets better, can't wait to have a whole summer on it, and have some long trips planned. Happy riding!

PS: Just saw your other post to my earlier comment, thanks!

3rd Officer
Road Captain
All Canadian Riders Club
Chapter 001 Durham ON Canada
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The reason my liner is in the diningroom is a not so funny story...

The day before I picked up my bike, I borrowed a trailer from a buddy. I was backing it in my driveway up to my garage door, to work on the trailer lights. You know that mirror that says, "object may be closer than they appear"? Truest statement ever! I backed into the bottom of my garage door and buckled it so bad, that I couldn't use it.

Therefore, I couldn't get the bike into the garage. It's going to be fixed on the 11th, Jan. But I'm getting attached to the idea of my bike sitting in my diningroom, where I can google over it from my favorite spot in the livingroom!

Yeah, I just bought it the day after Christmas! I haven't even rode it yet!

I tried talking the wife into widening a couple of doorways here in the house so I could make some laps, but she's no fun?:confused:

Love the black cherry scooter Caper! Nice!
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Thanks for the laugh!

Too bad about your garage door, but what a great story! You are going to have the summer of your riding life, and as this year will be my first full summer on the Liner, me too.
Just got my Christmas Chrome- the Kury boards and shifter/brake pedal covers- very nice looking addition to the bike, lovin' it. Shiny side up, brother.


3rd Officer
Road Captain
All Canadian Riders Club
Chapter 001 Durham ON Canada
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Sweet ride, I just got my liner in March and my wife is awesome but mine has to stay in the garage. The chrome wheels look great with the black. I wanted a midnight but the only thing that I didn't like was the black front end. I like everything black but I prefer chrome forks and headlight. Soooo I bought a red S with plans of next summer painting it black.(This year i'm just gonna ride) I've already put alot into it.
Memphis Shades Fats W/S
Corbin dual tour seat
Roadhouse 2 into 1 classic
Kury iso grips, Floorboard covers, Pass floorboards, Shift peg and Brake ped covers
Yamaha QR backrest
I can't figure out how to insert a pic of my bike or I would, but you can see a small pic as my avitar.
Dude, you will lov the liner...i have a 06 with 16000mi..
No troubles as of yet...smooth an powerful...an people comment all the time how good it looks...liner s full of chrome.. Only other bike i would have is the deluxe model..
The :d hasn't left my face since i got her...
Dinger, that's a great looking bike. And believe me, if I could have found a way to bring the "new" 1100 in the house it would have been my new nightstand! Or better yet, it would have replaced the Lazy-boy!
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