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Need a ton of help!

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First off I'm 3 days old to my 2007 V-Star 1300 and trying to figure out why every morning my bike takes forever to start. I think the batt is going to die or the starter is going to give out. This bike is fuel injected and I would think would start with no problem. Does anybody have any advise they can help out with???

Also looking to replace my headlamp with another color bulb and for the life of me can figure out how to get to it. It takes a H4 bulb but that don't help if I can't change it. Any help???
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Try finding the owners manual (you did get one) or on the Yamaha site
http://www.starmotorcycles.com/assets/service/manuals/2007/LIT-11626-20-42r_vstar1300_1367.pdf and looking at page 6-32. It starts typical to most VStars by taking out the two allen head screws in the turn signal/position light brack cover. Then removing the two screws on both sides of the headlght. Then unhooking the headlight connector, removing the rubber bulb cover. At this point, TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK at the bulb spring retainer so you remember how it goes back. DO NOT remove any screws! The hinged end which is flat is under a clip and has two ends that go on both sides of the bulb - leave this end alone. The other ends are one free end pushing down on one side of the bulb and a single wire pushing on the other side of the bulbe and captured under a ramp/slot with a piece bent up to that you can push down on to move it out from under the ramp.

Regarding your starting issue, you are going to have to figure out what maintenance was NOT done on your bike (plugs, wires, etc.) or adjustments that weren't done. You might start with buying a can of Seafoam and following the mixing directions for use as a fuel injection/carburetor cleaning treatment. Definitely do this if the bike sat unused for a month or more before you bought/used it. Some of us regularly use Seafoam in the gas to prevent carburetor jet or injector and stale gas issues. Give us a hint at how many miles are on it for more specifics on what to look at.

Lots of luck.
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