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Need final drive for 650 Vstar, or just parts

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I am looking to rebuild the final drive on my 04 Vstar 650 Classic. Yamaha sells all the bearings and seals, but I also need the splined pinion shaft. The only way Yamaha sells it is an assembly for $640. If anyone knows where I can get just the parts I need to rebuild my own, let me know! If you have a complete final drive, I would also consider purchasing that.
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take a look on ebay.......i just did a search and there were two of them there for $250ish....or search craigslist.....good luck
I landed a used one on Ebay for $240. I'm just hoping that it's in usable condition. A new unit from Yamaha is $640, so if I can fix it for 1/3 the cost I'll be very happy! Well, still bummed about spending money on repairs instead of accessories, but you know what I mean!
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