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New 2010 Vstar 650 Custom Sydney

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Hi everyone, I found this site while surfing around, looks great !

I just picked up my 650 custom 2 days ago, niceeeeeeee :D
I am fairly new to riding, although in my younger years I "rode" dirt bikes around the paddocks.

Question.. my manual says it will start in gear (clutch in, stand up) but no matter what i do it won't start in gear. I have had some stalling problems taking off, I am finding I have to let the clutch nearly all the way out before I find the friction point. (will ring dealer on Monday)

Aside from that, I love it, my hubby thinks I'm having a midlife crissis. I am spending time riding around quieter streets getting used to everything...
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Welcome aborad

I will side with your hubby!:D My wife in her midxxx:eek: early 50's got her self a V-STAR also. Now a few years and 25,000miles later WE are still having fun. enjoy your bike and hope you Hubby rides too.:D


Welcome, and congrats on the new 650 v star. Good bike you will have lots of reliable fun.

Don't know, but all bikes do need some attention occasionally. The 650 has a clutch cable that does need to be adjusted occasionally. Don't know if you or your hubby do this but there is an adjustment at each end of the clutch cable. The lever end is best bet. Your lever should have just a little free play before you feel the tension start to increas as it starts to pull the clutch. So the clutch lever should have 4 to 6 tenths of an inch free play. Loosen the nut which is a knurled knob and adjust smaller knob for this play.

The bike should start in gear with the clutch in, maybe this adjustment will help that also. There is a clutch switch in the clutch lever.

Ride safe
Sugar Bear don't have much to add other than WELCOME! Glad you have joined a great forum with a ton of great and knowlegeable folks here. Enjoy the real world, the world of bikes. Have fun!
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