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New and Glad to be here

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So just bought me another Vstar, a 2012 Vstar 950 to be exact. Had a '05 650 years back and decided to have another instead of a HD since it was a good deal. Already looking to add mod this thing as I did my other. From Northern Indiana and happy to meet you all!
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Welcome from Iowa. The guys around here like pictures so if you wanted to share your new ride we'd all enjoy it.
Welcome aboard from the FL panhandle. @Brad_G is right about the picture thing. The more pictures you use, the less I need to read. I'm kinda, sorta lazy that way. Besides, although I've never actually tried, I don't think we can fit thousands of words in the space they give us and you've already exceeded two thousand worth.
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Welcome from Pensacola
Welcome from the Texas Hill Country. Ride often and safe.
Welcome from the desert southwest.
Welcome from Sacramento, Ca. Beautiful bike.
Hello from Cary NC. I have the same exact bike (in red). Your's is one sweet looking bike and you're going to have a blast here :)
Welcome from Athens, Georgia.
That's a nice scooter you got there, Bubba.
A little late but welcome from South Florida!
Hello @BigMac83 and welcome from Virginia
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