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New custom owner

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1 season done of riding my 2009 V-Star 1100 Custom, first bike. It will be good to read posts of suggestions of what to expect and what to get next. Having a great time so far.
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enjoy it, i have a 2000 vstar 1100 custom and enjoy it, havent had any problems.
What "must have" equipment could anyone suggest for a 600 kilometer per day trip this summer, couple of nights in hotel planned. Just the stock bike so far. Saddlebags, pad for seat etc.?
Long trips


Welcome and congratulations on the new bike. I traveled some on an 1100 V star Classic.

You are on the right track, Seat pad, so your bottom can breath some maybe a gel pad, Bags, you always need more space. A couple of saddlebags are a good start. If you have a sissy bar a luggage rack so you can bungy cord a bag on would be good. If not you can bungy cord a bag on passenger seat. Assuming you do not have a passenger. If you do you definitely will need that luggage rack. A sissy bar bag would be good also if it fits.

A long haul on the highway is a tough ride if you do not have a windshield. Even a small sport shield will help. If you do not like the look of windshields and sissy bars you can take them off when home cruising around the neighborhood. Some of them come off easer than others.

I have an older vstar and didnt want to spend too much money since would never get back on resell. this is what i have done, which was least expensive things

i added a sheepskin cover -60.00-- over top a beadrider seat pad --40--to improve driver comfort, i have a stock seat that bottoms out in about 30-45 min. with the beadrider and sheepskin cover i can ride for 1-2 hours without much issue. after about two hours need to retop gas anyway. if i really start riding distances i may have my seats rebuilt/repacked before i would spend the 600.00 for a driver/passenger new seat replacement.

i have a luggage rack and a passenger sissy bar so i added/ attached a kuryakyn tour bag--100--- to it and i added the saddle bag supports --40--and inexpensive leather bags--80---

a throttle rocker is a cheap--20-- add for comfort on rides also

i have added some appearance things but they are a subject of taste. I did add lindby highway bar/motor guard--320--, which is the most expensive add i have. i am in the process of ordering a driver backrest which i found for about 100. Last night i ordered a set of running lights to help with lighting at night--115---i buy off ebay and through motorcycle shops that i find from this website and google search.

my vstar 1100 custom is a 2000 year model but it now is pretty functional and comfortable for trips, i rode acouple hours last saturday with no problems.

enjoy your bike and this great bike website, and be safe
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I agree, i didnt mention, my bike had a windshield. It really is helpful on highway.
The guys give good advice, I would add that if you have not taken a long run before(multible days) toughten your butt up with long day rides, each day on a long run becomes a little tougher,day after day will wear on you no matter what you ride. As an aside, I always take a water bottle and snacks, sunflower seeds, m&ms stuff like that if you are riding hard, it helps, at least it makes my trips a little better.
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