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Hi folks,

My name is Dennis, I'm up here in the great state of New Hampshire ,I just joined a few days ago and have already made a couple of posts.

I have been riding now for over 35 years and I have owned several different bikes over the years, I'm a retired and disabled Vet with plenty of time on my hands but just recently my left leg has weakened significantly so, that I needed to size down from my larger bikes to the V Star 250.
It's definitely not my first Yamaha, and hopefully as long as I keep the wheels down it wont be the last one either!

I will be doing all of my service and repair work so I'm sure that I'll be posting from time to time.

So far, my first Mod to the little V Star 250 is going to be a sprocket gearing change for both the front and rear for lower hwy Rpms.

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