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Like most drag pipes, they are best at WOT. There's no back pressure, which made her not nearly as responsive when cruising on the highway. Pretty sweet at WOT, but to pass a car I had to downshift a gear.
My Roadie is FI, and the electronics did what they were supposed to. It starts and runs fine, just too loud.
Although they say the baffles aren't removable, they are. I'll build some better baffles and get her a little back pressure and take the BITE out of the sound.
I don't mind medium loud pipes, but these pipes are REALLY LOUD. I rode to Lyons and back, 60 miles (round trip), and was deaf in my right ear when I got there, wore ear plugs on the way back and STILL, all I could hear was my exhaust.
I'm really wanting some true duals, but these will get me by till then.

R* modding is addictive!!!
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