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Has anyone use the glass beads in your new tires?
Do they mess up the sensors in the tires?
I use Counteract balance beads in my 2018 Star Venture Transcontinental and they work fine and do not effect the TPMS sensors.

I put two ounces in the front tire and two ounces in the rear tire per the Counteract instructions and the tires are nice and smooth running.

Counteract balance beads I think are better than other brands, I have used other brands in the past but the Counteract products just seem better to me.

Just a note you can install the Counteract balance beads through the valve stems on the Star Venture because the TPMS sensor is not part of the valve stem, the sensor is bolted to the rim on the opposite side of the valve stem. If the TPMS sensor is part of the valve stem then you can't install them through the valve stem.

Here is a link to Counteract for information on their product and it has a calculator to figure out how much you need.

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