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@Scott73 I myself would get new slip-ons simply being risk adverse to continued rust rotting the rest away.

I have TORs on my 2014 Rocket and they have around 75K miles on them now. When changing my rear tire this last time, I realized the TORs were on their last legs and would not physically be able to be put back on the next tire change. I was able to go ahead and purchase a complete exhaust system as I also noticed the cross over pipe was cancerous as well.

It sounds your rust is limited to the cans so you may get away with just them. Cutting the pipes or removing the baffles do cause disparities in the air/fuel mixture that when addressed work out great. Usually the engine runs lean and you'll need to adjust your carburetor or ECM for fuel injected bikes.

If sound is not a big deal then that is not an issue.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts