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Went looking for some repair advice and found this site. Been riding a while have had Honda, Yamaha, Honda, Honda and now back to Yamaha. At present have a 05 1100 Custom with a little bit of custom body work, Thugster exhaust, jet kit and Supercharger intake.
Love to ride and always want to ride again. Still looking at the site. Live just on the East side of Houston and love to head to the Hill Country whenever I can. Longest ride was to Richmond, Virginia by myself. My bike looked like I was related to the Beverly Hillbillys...just missing the rocking chair on top.
Took off 10 days and enjoyed every minute of it. Even the rain made me smile. Usually ride without a windshield but, couldn't pass up the opportunity to be more comfortable during this long ride.
I remember riding back through the Blue Mountains and kept thinking I had just seen beautiful view that couldn't be beat. Then went around a bend and there was another...and another....
My wife rides a Honda 1100 Spirit, gotta love that!!!!:
Yeah, love to ride! :D
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All right, another Texan! Welcome! Texas to Virginia is a CRAZY long ride! My longest was 650 miles from New Orleans to N. Texas, then back again a week later.
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