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Hey, Just thought i'd say hi! I have been lurking for awhile but figured i'd become a member and say hi since i'll be hanging around for quite awhile! I just bought a new 09 V-Star 950 in Candy Red:cool:. Havnt got it yet, but hopefully by this coming weekend!

Got it for just about MSRP but including Highway bars, short sissy bar, stainless steel brake lines, tank protector, and expandable bike cover. I also got a Nolan N103 helmet, Shift primer jacket, and Cortech touring gloves for prettymuch at cost.

Cant wait to get it!

Oh and a little about me I suppose, Havnt really ridden a bike since about 10 years ago when I was in my mid teens (Except for the MSF Course I just did this last weekend). Am in the Navy, stationed in Groton at the submarine base here.
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