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New Whine From R/h Side Of Engine

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Just started 2 days ago, only when in gear accelerating. transmission??? clutch??? I just did a complete oil change a week ago with castrol full synthetic bought at bike shop... any ideas out there????

thank you in advance.
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I of course can not hear your noise and probably would not know if I did. But, there have been some posts here where a noise was a prelude to a costly problem. Like middle gear shaft. Maybe have someone listen that knows. Make sure the transfer case oil is OK and recheck our oil level. Not to much or to little. You have a wet clutch so be sure the oil you used has no friction reducers. Read the caution in you owners manual about engine oil types. Hope it is nothing. Problems are not real common but here is where we hear them.

Really don't know if it is the problem or not, but Dave makes a good point on oil that is overlooked by some. Anything that says something like"energy conserving" is a no-no for wet clutches, additives and "friction reducers" play havoc with wet clutch set ups, as good as they may be for other applications. I feel you know all this already, but I am posting this just in case someone was not aware, it could save another rider some grief.
I don't believe that it is the oil causing the noise. How many miles on the bike? Does the noise follow the speed of the bike (louder as speed increases), does not change whether the clutch is in or not. I do know that the 1100 Vstars have some gear noise, but if it just started I fear it could be the middle gear shaft (output shaft of engine) broken. It can be seen by removing the cover where the u-joint is and see if the nut is tight. Check out my post Middle gear shaft breakage. http://www.starbikeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1120
Hopes this helps
It was a simple fix, the oil I switched to is Castrol RS R4 4T full synthetic. After a little thinking, I adjusted my clutch and the noise went away. Turns out that switching to a Full synthetic designed for wet clutches just gave me a little more grab.
Sure glad it wasn't something sereous. Wouldn't have thought that oil would have caused that.

I was thinking like you, maybe the middle gear. The oil thing was a just in case. Glad it was not, I saw some big figures here on that subject.

Taken Custom,
Glad you got it, wonder if the clutch adjustment was just the cable or the actual clutch?

there is a clutch spring kit or a clutch kit for the 650 if it would ever come to that.

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