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hello from minnesota! im very new to forums! im very excited about this season! i have a 2007 roadliner, and im lovin it! it has all the options as a stratoliner plus a little more:) but its in the shop because its been backfiring! it has a power comander III and the mechanics said they cant dial it in enough now they ordered a cobra fi12000 and im waiting to see if that does it! but it hit 70 degrees today, the warmest its been all year and im kinda bummin out! keeping my fingers crossed
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welcome , hope you get it fixed and on the road and enjoy the nice weather. i have a vstar 1100 carburated, i am hoping mine starts up when i am ready to ride . i road week before last down the parkway and it was beautiful. enjoy and ride safely
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I don't have any idea how much back fireing you have but if it is only minor poping it may be expected. With the long drag pipes. I get a little but very little on my stock liner. I'm sure you know it is unburned gas being ignited in the hot exhaust. They run a little rich I think. I have had my Stratoliner since spring of 06. Have a little over 40 k miles trouble free.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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