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Hey everyone, Saying Hi from Des Moines. How is everyone? This is just for some people.. please refer to this acronyms and abbreviations.. it always helps newbies like me.. I like to know what you're talking about otherwise I'm lost..

add more if you want or start a thread!

CAI - cold air intakes
WAI - Warm air Intake
SR - Shark Racing
IM - intake manifold
TB - Throttle body
BBTB - Big Bore Throttle Body
MAF - Mass air Flow
MAP - Manifold absolute pressure
AIT - Air intake temperature
AFR - air fuel ratio
ABS - Anti Lock braking system
ATC - Automatic temperature Control
SOHC - Single overhead Cam
DOHC - Dual overhead Cam
OHC - Over head Cam
Evap system - Evaporation System
IAC - idle Air Control
CAT - Catalytic Converter
MAT - manifold air temperature
PFI - port fuel injected
EFI - electronic fuel injection
TPS - throttle position sensor
TBI - throttle body injection
WOT - wide open throttle
A/C - Air Conditioning
ATF - automatic transmission fluid
LSD - Limited slip differential
AWD - all wheel drive
AWS - all wheel steering
O/D - overdrive
Tranny - transmission
HP - horse power
BHP - brake horse power
FWD - front wheel drive
RWD - Rear wheel drive
MPG - miles per gallon
NA - naturally aspirated
RHD - right hand drive
RPM - revolutions per minute
SC - supercharged
SRS - secondary restraint system
TC - turbo charged
ART- air ride technologies
SLL- solar led lights
MIL = Malfunction Indicator Light
PPM = Parts Per Million (smog term)
GLS-Grand Luxo Super
LS-Luxury Sedan
DCCD-Driver Controlled Center Differential (Subarus )
TC-also seen as traction control
EBD-Electronic Brake Distibution
ASC-Automatic Stability Control
ACS-Auto Car stereo
AWD-All wheel Drive
K&N- k&n cold air intake
AVCS-Active Valve Control System
SRS-Secondary Restraint System
DRL-Daytime Running Lights
BLL- battery led lights
VTEC-Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control
iVTEC-"intelligent" Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Lift Control
WRC-World Rally Championship
FIA-Federation Internationale de l'Automobile
SAE-Society of Automotive Engineers
AEM-Advanced Engine Management
AMG-Aufrecht Melcher Grossaspach (Mercedes Benz racing)
POS- Piece of *****


Have a great day,
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