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Newbie w/ a V Star 650 Custom

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Hello All,
Just registered today on the site. I am from Alabama and I have an '06 Vstar 650 custom. Looking for some helpful tips and good ideas for mods. Hopefully I can get my wife on the site as well. She has a 05 Vstar 650 Classic. We have both been riding about 2 yrs now and loving every minute of it. This is a really cool site!!
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Welcome, my advise just ride you will decide what mods you are interested in as you go. Comfort, looks, sound, some of these are opposites. For a v star 650 there is lots to choose from.

Thank you for the advice. I appreciate it! Ride safe.
Sweet home.......

Welcome, made a run one night to Cullman, Hank Jr country, love the folks, But the DRY counties suck :( Ride on and enjoy!!
Welcome from Utah. After riding my 650 Classic for a year and 4,200 miles...I love the Bike and decided to spend the money on mods/accessories. Whenever possible go with genuine Yamaha accessories.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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