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I just sold my 2008 Kawasaki Concours and got a 2006 Stratoliner S. I absolutely love this motorcycle. It so far has exceeded my expectations. It is comfortable, roomy, fast, and agile for a large motorcycle. It also came with several very nice upgrades. I love the way it looks, feels, and sounds. I also seem to have an easire time handling the Stratoliner than the Concours. I am not sure what that is about, maybe the lower center of gravity. My wife really likes it too.

Anyway...hello to everybody.
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Welcome aboard. I seem to be hearing of more Liners lately. You will like it I'm sure. Starting my 5th season, still impresses me.

Welcome to the club

Congrats on joining the liner league. i love my bike as well. i have been finding that it is really a cool feeling to pull into a bar or other gathering place and run in to another liner owner. you see the grin on there face as they see the grin on yours and you both know your in the BIG BOYS CLUB. there ain't anyone who can tell you otherwise. good luck with your bike
I recently test-drove a 2010 Victory Cross Country (Black with Skulls). Though it was a comfortable ride and the handlebar mounted fairing with stereo was awesome as well as the electronic cruise control -- it was a DOG. It had no punch in the low end, there was no real power until you get to it's peak power in the high end -- I'm very spoiled by the 2006 Stratoliner S's wide powerband. I'm also spoild by the Stratoliner's windshield; the wind protection on the Victory was minimal -- I would have to wear goggles or a face shield on my helmet. Having said all of that, it was easy to decide against it when they offered me $7,700.00 for the Stratoliner and wanted to charge me $19,000.00 for the Victory.
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