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Hi...New to this site...I have a question to those more experienced. I just acquired my brothers 2003 VStar 650 Classic. It sat for about a year and would not start. I had the carb cleaned out and tank flushed. Now it seems to run good, I have only about 40 miles on it so far. My problem is it semms to stall a lot after I can to a complete stop and try to get going again in 1st gear. The gears do not engage until the clutch is almost compoletely out. How do I adjust this? The cable seems OK....
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Welcome to the site! Lot's of great people, great information and some great times. Congrats on your acquirement. Although I know not how to solve your problem, I'm sure someone here does. :) I hope you enjoy riding as much as we all do.
Need practice

Had a friend look at it. Seems the bike is running fine...Just idling too high. I am either letting the clutch out too slowly or not giving it enough gas. I will continur to practice on the side streets before I take it out full time...I am really loving the freedom you feel when riding....Its like a natural high...Its really very hot in Florida right now. Can't wait until winter to ride in a better temp...So far 70 miles on it, Put more on it when I can...
hello i am new at this site. its so good an have good quality. i like it very much.
i am new to this site and recently got a 2000 xvs 1100 . i have put about 900 miles on it in a couple of months, i am just learning how to ride. i learn a lot from those on this site. thanks
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