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No electrical p[ower

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Hi all, new to site. I just bought a 2008 1100 V Star and I accidently left the ignition on park overnight and now there is no power at all. I checked th battery voltage and it says it has 12.25 volts.
Is there a special cut out or something that needs to be reset to get the ignition back to normal. I hooked another battery to it that wont fit and still no power. It seems there may be a switch somewhere that needs resetting. CAN ANYONE HELP OUT PLEASE?
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Don't know of any reset, there is a main fuse. Don't know why leaving it on would blow that. Check your cable connections, grounds and fuses. Maybe unrelated problem.

12.25 (12.7 Normal.) is a little low but you should hear or see something. Does your headlight come on? What does the battery read with the key on? It should drop a little if not maybe the main fuse. Some of your fuses are behind the panel on the left, maybe the main fuse might be under the seat.

Do you think the battery could have been so low that it also pulled the test battery down? Be sure both battries are charged, maybe try again.

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Sounds like Dave has covered just about everything. I am betting on a blown fuse. If you have 12.25 volts you should at least have a headlight. The fuses are under the seat. or under the left hand side cover. I think I saw them there.
Sorry, been away from the computer for a while. Found that the main fuse was blown. Don't know why. I thought it may be that if you accidently leave it on park, the main fuse blows so you save the battery going dead. An autoelectrician told me that he didn't think that would be the case though.

Thanks very much for the replies, sorry I didn't reply sooner.

Good deal

Glad you found it, and it was not a big deal.

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