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In the past I created 2 albums and was able to add images to those albums. I created a new album today but I do not get an option to add images, I also cannot add images to existing albums, I fought it for an hour and decided to ask here for help.

Many thanks,

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Hey guys,

1911garand - you should be able to add 5 more images to your albums (combined). Members in your usergroup have a max of 10 photo uploads to your albums. You can post as many images as you like within your posts. If you wish to upgrade to have more images allotted for your albums, you can take a look at our subscription page here:


Both Premium and Lifetime members get 100 images for their albums.

LoupGarou - when you go to the album you wish to add images, do you see the option above/below the album that says Upload Pictures?


If you click on that, is there an error message that appears? If so, what does it say? Let us know and we'll go from there - thanks!

Natalie :)
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