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Noise Problem

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Hi! Roadstar Forum, I have a 2002 Roadstar Silverado, now awhile back there was a recall on these bikes for a clip inside the transmission, everything was change, but ever since this I keep getting a squikee noise from the back wheel, the Dealership has been more than coopereative with me, doing a lot of service in trying to find this noise, even without getting any kind of backing from Yamaha Corp. As far as there conserne there's no known fact of any problem such as mine.

So this is why I would like to know if there's any Roadstar drivers out there with this kind of problem.

The bike still performs excellent, its just when I'm driving at slow speed it sounds like a cricket and the squiking is enough to drive me mad.

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It is hard to get a direction on a noise when riding a bike. V Twins make a lot of noise naturally. If you can have a jack or can get the bike off the ground safely. Try spinning the wheel by hand, its not the same but you might get lucky. Don't rule out the front wheel or a rattle. Stress the bags and mounts, look for something moving,have a look at the belt tension. If I remember right 10 lbs of pressure on the belt should flexx it up one inch. Don't rule out a squeaky seat, luggage rack, sissy bar,fender, all that neat stuff.

Take a look at the brakes, test them while spinning the wheel. A brake pad could be the culprit. they do rest against the disk.

Good luck, you may get lucky. Its not the same as riding though. Don't take a chance of dropping the bike if you don't have a jack be careful.

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I agree, Dave, I know a dirty brake pad can cause fits with the squeek thing, just a thought.
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