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Noob that knows how to post pictures

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What's up all? The name is Tim and I just picked up a new 950 in candy red. I've put about 250 miles on it in the first week of ownership and I'm debating the exhaust mod. I've been reading the boards for a few months now and have found some realativly good information.

My other toys are a 2005 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 and a 1969 Mercury Cougar. No pics of the bike yet... I'm waiting on the real tags.. but here are a few of the truck and car.

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Cages = aka cars and trucks....

This is a motorcycle forum.
Right... makes sense now. Just showing off the other toys since I didn't have pictures of the bike yet. Got tags yesterday so they'll be up soon.
Just curious, why would you not post a picture of your bike without its "tags"?

If anything I would avoid posting pictures of my plates on a public forum where anyone or anything could get them.
As of right now it's got the temporary plate on it. I have the real tags to put on this afternoon. When I take off the temp, I'll take pictures of it for on here, then out the tag on it and take some more good ones. I furgured I'd get it all out of the way at once instead of blurring out numbers and only heve to take the tag off once.
I think you got me on the "tags" too-You seem a bit confused- you posted pictures of your truck with the tags clearly visible.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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