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oil filter relocation

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I just purchased an '02 1100 custom, and was just made aware of the oil filter "problem"
I am surprised there isn't any discussion with this issue.
Is it just common to get a relocation kit? or do most people do it the hard way?
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I'll "bump" your thread!

Although I own a 650, I do know two people that own 1100s and they both have installed the kit to relocate the oil filter.

If I had an 1100....no question about it! I would install one!
Relocate kit

I saw the kit at my Yamaha dealer. But I don't see it in the Yamaha accessory book. I don't remember it being this much money. But it is a shiny chrome plate kit the moves the oil filter from inside the engine to the front. It looks good and adds to the cooling a little. There is a note about longer lines if you have an engine guard. Problem being with the stock oil filter. One screw that must be removed is behind the exhaust and the exhaust must be lowered to get it out. The filter is located behind the cover, lower right side of the engine. Here is a couple of examples.




I installed the Jardine kit bought from Dennis Kirk. Sure makes oil changes simple.

Hi.. I just purchased Barrons oil relo kit for the 2001 1100 vstar I just bought.. Will receive it in 2 more days.. Barrons kit is suppose to have longer lines to accomodate hiway/crash bars.. I ordered mine for $207.00. Ouch... Thats an expensive asprin ! :D
i have 2000 vstar 1100 with hwy bars. I have heard a lot of positive comments about the ORK and there are various suppliers .

i looked at cost installed for the ORK and if i have dealer change oil 1/yr and oil and filter 1/yr, the ROI is about 3-4+ years it seems. This is assuming the ORK dealer supplied/installed is about 340.00 and oil change is 40 and oil/filter is about 100 or so at dealer. I may switch bikes before then and I really dont have a good place to change oil so I probably wont do it. I also have heard that if you have tools and get use to it , it takes about 1.5 hr or less even without the kit.
I agree if you only change the oil 1 time or so a year, it would be hard to justify the money for an ork. I do it 4 or so times a season with a filter each and every time, so for me it's the only way to go.There is a thread started in early Oct in the vstar forum that has a good deal of talk on this subject, everyone has a different view and thoughts on this. It is true that it's not all that bad to chg the oil w/filter, but a bit of a pain when it is so quick and simple with an ork, and back to ridin. Just a thought from this end:) Ride safe.
My 1600 Silverado had the relocation kit on it when I bought it. I luv it and filter changing is quick & simple.. I have seen the kit for sale new on a few sites and didn't think it was very expensive at all.
I brought my '08 VStar 1100 Midnight Custom in to a local dealer this week for the bike's initial service (it was purchased as a new leftover in July, and I bought it in Oct with 1K miles). Since the oil was going to get changed anyway, I had the dealer install the Baron's Oil Filter Relocation Kit I purchased. The dealer said the ORKs do the job but didn't think removing the upper exhaust pipe was a big deal, and doesn't think ORKs are needed. Of course, dealers make their money performing simple jobs that their customers do not want to do themselves. I am happy to have the ORK installed and will do all oil/filter changes on my own from here on out. I had a body shop owner who is a friend of mine paint the ORKs chrome pieces so it now blends in better with the rest of my blacked-out engine. It looks great! :)
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