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Oil questions and comments

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I know this has been cussed and discussed a ton, I have some questions and comments. First, I browsed some of the area shops during the off season and did not find Amsoil, I could find the purple at about 15/qt, they say Amsoil is much more, how much more?I know several folks tout the benefits of it. for you who use it, how is it better and is it worth the extra money and why? I run Castrol 20/50 Actevo xtra 4t in my 1100,(5.50/qt) but here is why I have a really hard time believing there is a "best oil". I also have a 750 Virago that is 28 years old (bought new) that I run 20/50 Valvoline Racing oil (car oil) from the start and didn't find out till 4 years ago I was running the "wrong oil", wonder what kind of damage I've done? 3 years ago I run the Blue Ridge Pky and on to the Dragons Tail and rode it twice all on this 750 from So IN,with a 24-25 year old bike while running the wrong oil all those years. And I still ride the time out of it every year, she is goin strong. Hope you can see why I'm so skeptical. Have any of you folks had a failure because of oil, whatever oil it was? I am for sure old school, but would be glad to be convinced and shown I'm so wrong. I would want to hear some failure stories caused by the oil you use(not negelence on your part- not keeping clean oil and filter when you are supposed to,ect) This old Virago has been to most states east of the Mississippi some were pretty hot and hard trips and on she lives with the wrong oil.:cool:
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Have there been catastrophic failures due to oil ? Yes.

Many times, an "improper" oil may be used without noticeable effects, negative or positive.

The oils everyone has "Run For Years" is not the same oil it was just a few months ago. Oil formulations use to change about every 4-6 years in the past but recently are changing much more often to meet the demands of newer vehicles.

For instance, ZDDP has been reduced to a point where it is effecting vehicles, Specifically those with Flat Tappet Cams. It is the Extreme Pressure agent for wear in critical "Scrub" areas.

Can you run an auto oil ? Yes. AS LONG AS it meets the Minimum Requirements set forth by the OEM ..

An oil with an API Rating of SG. A higher API Rating MAY be used as long as it carries the JASO Rating of MA or MA/MA 2.

As for AMSOIL.... Smoky Mountain Harley carries it. 129 Pit Stop where 129 and 72 split to go to the Dragon Has it. Ultimate Toys Motorsports. Alcos Good Times (Yamaha Dealer) had it but I sold the acount so not sure what they are doing along with East TN Gold Wings and others.

But, AMSOIL is as close as your phone and I have The Big Brown Truck drop it at your door.

The Best isn't cheap
Cheap isn't The Best

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