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Hi All,

I am contemplating getting another bike and would appreciate everyone's inputs and perspective. I have been searching the forum and haven't found any posts that quite address my circumstances. Most posts address rider size and experience but not necessarily age which I think can also impact the choice.

Here are my particular particulars:
  • Turning 63 next month
  • Wear and tear of age, sports injuries, etc.
  • 5'-6", 140 (used to be 5'-7 😄)31" inseam
  • Been riding off and on for 50 years
  • Dirt bikes, enduros, 1972 Kawasaki S2 triple, 1980 GS450 Cafe, 1983 GS750ES, 1982 TZ-125, 2014 Honda CTX700
  • Some road race experience with the S2 and the TZ-125
  • Not interested in dragging my knee around a corner or hunched over a gas tank - too much neck and back disc damage
I'm looking for something light, comfy, relaxed seating position, and nimble for around town, country roads @ 55-60 max. Lack of power may keep me out of trouble! 😄

My CTX700 was about 500 LB. and a great bike but the pegs were so far forward it put a lot of weight on my tailbone that an Airhawk couldn't fix. The weight though was starting to be a problem when maneuvering.

My wife liked her S40 till she got her CTX700 too. I like that bike a lot. Only irritants were the vibration and lack of a trip odometer. I would prefer the look and sound of a twin though. Fuel gage would be nice but trip ODO works.

I am having a hard time not liking the V-Star 250. The 650 classic fit and rode well but has the same weight as the CTX, so not much help.

Any thoughts??? Thanks!!!
I love my VStar 1300 and it handles great, but it still has a lot of weight when navigating parking lots and parking, I’m sure you would love riding it, but probably would still find the 700 + lbs to be more than what you want.
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