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ONE MORE TIME: Drivers backrest

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The Yamamama wants a driver's backrest on her '09 1100 Silverado, but I'm afraid the cheapo fixed-position models won't reach her back. She's 5'3'' and inseam challenged, and even with pulback risers installed, she doesn't sit all the way to the back of the OEM seat. I'd rather NOT spend $300 on this solution. Has anyone found an affordable AND SUPPORTIVE driver's backrest? Tnx. OBF
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New seat.

Maybe a new Mustang seat or Saddleman seat wuold do the trick. Good luck!
try grasshopper.com
It works for me... I have one on my C90T, But THAT's where I get the concern about the backrest NOT reaching my wife's back. I sit farther back in my seat (longer legs and arms) and the Grasshopper just barely reaches me.
Maybe a new Mustang seat or Saddleman seat wuold do the trick. Good luck!
WHOOPS!!! There's that 300 bucks again... or more like 400.
I just put one on my 1100, I purchased it off ebay. I was really sceptical but I'm very happy with it. I just came back from a 150 mile ride, the backrest was a welcome addition.

i am receiving a driver backrest for my vstar 1100 next week. i got from grasshopper at link below


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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