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Pacific Coast Cruiser Lowering Kit - 2007 Roadliner

Forum members...I am new to the forum and looking for your insights.

I want to lower my 07 Roadliner...I am a shorter guy and want my feet to touch flat at stops. I am considering the Pacific Coast Cruiser lowering kit...few questions:

  • Do I need just the lowering kit? Or do I need the lowering kit and the spring?
  • Can I do this work myself? I have tools, mechanically inclined too. Or do I need to have a dealer do this work?
  • Will the bike bottom out, or the exhaust rub on turns after the lowering kit is installed?
  • Does the lowering kit adversely affect ride comfort, bike stability, control of bike?
  • How long for the average person to complete an install?
Anything else I should know before making this decision?

Thanks in advance!
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