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Passing inspection in North Carolina

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Any thoughts on passing inspection in NC now that you have to get inspected or no license plate renewal? I just had straight pipes put on a 2-1, no baffle. How do i pass inspection now? Also had horn removed! Horn and exhaust needed for inspection, any good ideas. What do the custom bike owners do?
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I wonder if you saved your old stuff? Would be a pain but, you could change exhaust and stick a horn on for the inspection. I have not changed much on my bike but I think if I do I will save the old stuff.

I think if your bike is a 06 or newer it had a cataletic converter built into the Muffler. That might be the point of an inspection as well as noise. Very seldom does anyone get sited for noise but it could happen. In which case you would be looking for the old stuff.

Thanks, I do have the stock pipes. Someone did mention that to me, like you said a pain to do, but if it is only once a year will probably do it, if needed. I might try to get inspected as is to see what happens. Then if it fails put on old exhaust. Thanks.
What a stupid thing

So what asinine politician did that?:eek: Do the cages have to be inspected every year?:mad: Sorry you have to get this stupid thing done to almost new machine . So do you have a cousin to do this and slide it through?:rolleyes: Cheers Mike in Calgary..
I'm in TX and I run my 05 1100 Custom through inspection every year. I've got Cobra Speedster Slashdowns and they don't seem to care. I'd try it first and see. You get a one time 30 day grace period here, if you fail.
:eek:Tax grab
If your VIN number doesn't come up stolen... you pass.

Happy in Kentucky
I need to experience inspections in the state of Maine for the first time next year but she's all still pretty much stock so it should be a cake walk.
The previous bike was a road star warrior whith a fair amount of customized modifications. The pipes were jug huggers and wicked loud. My inspection station of choice was a custom bike builder who sells some loud machines. I figured the "practice what you preach" rule applied. I figured right.
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