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performance mods

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Hi all,

New to the site... Just picked up an 03' 1100 custom a couple months ago
And love it! I think its got enough "pick up & go" but let's be
Honest, is it ever enough? I'm looking to see what's been done to your v stars
To up the hp? Kits, simple adjustments, add on, etc. Not looking to shatter
Records here, just some extra muscle off the line! :D

Thanks for the help!
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i have an 07 1100 classic. i've added a hypercharger, rejetted the carbs and a set of cobra speedster longs. it has made a noticeable difference. it's not a rocket, but a friend of mine had a stratoliner, and i could keep up with him.

I just rejetted ( at least I think I did ) my carburetor on my vstar 1100 custom. The problem is that the Cobra Carb Jet Kit 92-2170 only had main jets.... five of them. Does this mean that only the main jets are changed and the pilot jets are left alone? I really don't know. HELP!
I don't know about the cobra kit, I used the hypercharger kit and in addition to the jets ther were shims for the needles included.
I'll tell you what I did to my 2000 1100 v-star classic and it wasn't much but I can't keep my hand out of the throttle is put in a K&N air filter, totally a new bike!!!!!!!
I bought a 2000 1600 cc Roadstar Silverado last Sept. When I put new rubber on it, the dealer ran the VIN and Yamaha graciously paid for a recall on a transmission part that ended up giving me a rebuilt engine for free...another $150 to the dealer and the valves were "done" as well. This bike has had a lot of extras added to it, but I don't know what if anything has been done to the engine to enhance performance. I keep hearing about "stage 1" but I can't really get a good explanation of what that is and certainly not advice on how to check if it's been done. To add to the quandry, I bought it from an estate sale so I can't ask the previous owner..any suggestions?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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