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A lot of y’all have seen my Vstar 1100 bobber/chopper build- Ratlin’ Rita. Being that that bike is nearly done, I was looking for a second bike to purchase/ tinker on. My younger brother who lives near me recently bought a ‘19 Yamaha MT09. Pretty cool bike, faster than my 1100 obviously. I can hold him down in the twisties, but any straights and he’s gone. So being the oldest brother, it’s a point of pride that I could not let that continue. So I bought something to compete. Not necessarily in the same class as his MT09, but something that I’ve always wanted and can hold its own. After a few week search I found one of my dream bikes that I’ve wanted since I was a kid.
I picked up a Gen 1 ‘06 Suzuki Hayabusa.
Has PC-V, HMF race tune, HMF high mount exhaust, Sprint filter, 8” over Swingarm extensions, Tiger Racing Undertail, undercut seat, Stock geared ect. Excellent runner, cosmetically very solid for a 16 year old sport bike. The biggest fault was the chrome wheels, which were peeling and is a common thing on these older chrome exchange wheels. So fitting to my habits I began doing my own work to it. First thing was to take care of the wheels. After researching my options, I found the best bet for the money was to do an Yamaha R1 wheel conversion. So I found a company in the UK that makes a conversion front axle. Picked up a set of clean used Black R1 wheels and picked up a new set of tires. Best part-with the conversion I shaved 7.5lbs off the bike with this conversion. Jumped up to a 42 tooth steel vortex rear sprocket. I’m running a set of Bridgestone Battlax S22 Hypersport tires(awesome tires). 200/55 rear and a 120/70 front. One of the bolts seized in the brake side swingarm extension and snapped when I was trying to tension the chain after the initial conversion, so I got a fresh set of better quality extensions and put them on. Installed a fresh set of sintered pads all around. I also installed a Tom Pro Design heavy-duty Case saver. Bled all the brake and clutch systems with fresh fluid and did fresh oil change. Then finally- I went through and replaced every ugly or suspect bolts/screws with quality stainless steel hex head replacements. It’s a killer machine and is an absolute hoot to ride. Absolutely too fast for real world usability on the top end on the street, but non the less it gets my heart pumping every time I give it a twist. The plan for this bike overall is to take it land speed racing and make it into the 200+ mph club.

First pic is of how I got it and now. Biggest visable change is the black 5-spoke wheels and then more subtle is the black engraved Swingarm extensions.
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