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poping in my 2008 roadliner s

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any sugestions? i put 2-1 hardkrome sideburners pipes on, and i'm getting a pop (backfire) in the mid-range, around 3500 rpms, when i shift. i put new exaust gaskets on, i have a kn airfilter, and power commander with the setting they suggested.
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Have you cleaned the airfilter?

I had the same problem with my 1100 (hardkrome/KN/hypercharger) a couple years ago then used KN's two part filter cleaning sprays. The popping stopped for me. Now when I get excess backfire, I know my filter needs cleaned.
no i have'nt, just put it in last spring, have a little over 3000 miles since i put it in. i'll take a look at it. thank you.
Here is a link describing the best method for cleaning the filter - good luck!
I have a 02 1100 with hard krome pipes mine pops when shifting and backing off the gas I pulled a plug it was real white I think im runing lean im going to adjust carbs. ill let you know how I make out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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