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Hello... I have been Lurking for some time gathering info when I need it. I have owned several bikes over the years but, this is my first Star. I have a 2000 1100 that I got 2 years ago... Couple of Mods.. Pods, Big Willie Exhaust, Short rear fender and drag bars when I got it. Due to back issues I have not been able to ride this year so I am making some changes...
Going Apes- 16 inch Kongs
Swapping for a full wrap fender from Shane. Since the Struts were cut for the short fender I have had to make some Custom struts. I am hoping the 1/4 inch steel will be strong enough.
Also getting Paint... I know the saying is after Black you never go back but, I think I need some color... Maybe large flake Candy Red Scallops..

Anyway.. thanks for having me
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