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Question about passing lights kit.

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This is for my 950, it originally came with on the standard halogen headlamp, and no passing lights. I have replaced the headlamp with a Denali M5 LED, and I also added Denali D4 auxiliary lights. The auxiliary lights are very bright, but I have been thinking of getting rid of them for a couple of reasons - a) they are out of style for the bike, b) they are fork mounted, and so it's hard to aim them without blinding other drivers, I have to point the bright spot within about 6 feet of the bike, otherwise I am blinding oncoming drivers.

I have been thinking of getting the OEM passing light kit, but I have a few questions. I understand it comes with two bowls for the additional lights, but are the turn signals reused or does it come with new turn signals? From what I could find on google, it looks like OEM reuses the turn signals, and aftermarket ones come with new turn signals? Also, how hard is it to install? And finally, what size lights does it come with, since I will likely replace them with LEDs if anything is available. I was looking at JW speaker, they have 4" LED lights that may fit.

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You should use a proper wiring harness wich includes an inline fuse, relay and switch. Hooking into your turn signals sounds sketchy at best.
That looks good ! The original Denali's you put on where overkill.(I didn't want to say anything lol), but some small ones on the fender will be plenty.
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