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Hi, a few months ago I noticed a bad noise from the rear of my bike. After cleaning the belt, tension resetting, a bearing change, I finally realized that the pulley and belt are both 'striped' or corrugated (don't know how to properly describe it). The bike is virtually unridable at the moment, as the noise is really annoying. I do not know the reason for that, just heard that this is not unusual for Raider 12 SCL's. A new pulley and belt looks like a must, but I'd like to avoid the same problem in future. I'm wondering if someone else has the same experience with such issue.

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Have you tried posting on the Facebook group?
im sure they have a ton of info there also 馃憤

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I've had zero experience with any belt issues, but I've read the belt will make a noise if it is misaligned and it will make a 'clunk' if it is too loose. Seems like you should have had some build up of noise if the belt failure was normal wear. Perhaps you caught a stone in there that f-ed up a belt notch or two? Hard (for me at least) to tell if your belt teeth are damaged and with no photo of the belt just taking your word it's shot. If it were me, I'd try just replacing the belt with new and ensuring it is aligned and torqued properly to see if it rides OK on the pulley so you're not replacing a pulley unnecessarily.

Sorry I can't offer more advice...

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Hello Martas and welcome from Virginia.

Technically, that is called "Scuffing" (some may call it 'scoring'. the wearing down of the edges is most likely caused by dirt and grit over time. If this was a metal on metal gear, you'd see welding of metal particles as well. I can't really tell if you care file the scuffs off and continue using this gear but if so, that is a labor intensive job. It is easier to buy new or a good used one.

In the meantime, Please go to the new member area and introduce yourself. Tell us of your bike history and include a picture or two. We are a visual lot here.

Good luck on your fix and please do tell us what you find out in the end.
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