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I have an 06 Stratoliner, same engine I believe. The book suggests checking the valves every 16,000 miles. I would believe most of the time no adjustment will actually be made. If you can do your own work this is a good idea. If not this could get into a lot of money. To get to the valves the tank, some covers, not sure maybe the air box, need to be removed. Three four hundred dollars is likely.

What I did was take my bike in for the 600 mile first service and again at 32,000 miles. If you are going to pay someone to do this you might as well have a tune up. I keep on top of lubricants, tires, and brakes, but the valves I go for every other time. No adjustment was needed at 32,000 miles. The bike still runs as it did new. No repairs, yet.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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