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On my 2013 Road Star Silverado I noticed the intake portion of the Airbox was open to the rear. Since this places the opening in the slipstream I figured it was creating a partial vacuum when I was out on the open road. Upon checking the construction I found there was a rubber boot glued into the plastic frame.
I modified the box to make it a ram air induction instead. I removed the rubber boot, closed up the opening and cut a new opening in front. Glued in the boot and used the cut out to hold the shape until the RTV cured. I had some thin Stainless that I cut out a bracket to hold a piece of screen in place to keep bugs out.
Later I created a 1/8" drill template and drilled out the upper portion and countersunk the holes to create a venturi affect.
Now for the good news...the bike runs like a scalded dog. I am now compressing air into the box especially at 70-75 and the engine has smoothed out considerably. So if your on a tight budget but still need a bit more performance try this!


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