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Hey whats up everyone
I've had my Roadstar 1600 for a few months now
mods done so far:

replaced the gas tank
removed the ais system
fork covers removed
Blinkers removed
single throttle cable housing
10 inch mini apes
Aftermarket air filter
sissy bar
Headlight replaced
Floorboards swapped out for pegs
Fuel pump removed

I was having a lot of issues with the carb puking out gas
I thought it was the common puke problem that roadstars are known for but mine was a mixture of a few things
It would puke when it was hot,
But it would also puke when it was cold....

Thinking it was the needle getting stuck I swapped it out for the yamaha grizzly 660 needle valve assembly in order to lose the fuel pump at the same time
The needle valve that everyone recommends swapping out on different forums didn't work, at least not for me
part # 2C6-14190-30-00
it is a different design

I removed the fuel pump and the grizzly needle valve from the carb
Turns out the oem needle wasn't seating properly, I kept the grizzly needle since it was the same size as the oem one, put the oem needle valve back in the carb
That took care of the cold carb puke
Removing the fuel pump lets the gas seep up back into the tank if it gets too hot, the tank I have on there has a vented gas cap, on some long rides I can smell and see a bit of gas on the tank near the cap
Ill take that over the gas boiling out of the carb and onto the hot engine any day
That took care of the hot leak and hasn't leaked a drop since

I removed the fuel pump without having to do any major modifications to the carb besides the regular jetting to compensate for the increased air from the new filter and the open exhaust
I removed the mesh screen on the gas inlet line to the carburetor to increase flow a bit
The petcock is on the right side of the tank I'm using
I ran a line from there down to the left side of the bike where the stock fuel pump was, I have a glass inline filter there now, then ran the line from the bottom of that to the carb
I used the stock fuel line spring to wrap the portion of the line that goes between the cylinders

Next projects are:
A new intake manifold, the oem one is beginning to crack
Slightly beefier rear spring
replace the front wheel with either a 19 or 21
Single front disc conversion with a 1 piece brake line
Smaller nissin front brake reservoir
make some new taller pullback bars
Front fairing
Swap out the rear fender
New sissy bar to accommodate said fender
brake light and license plate brackets for sissy bar
Make a king and queen seat
New exhaust

The list goes on and on...


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Welcome from Houston, Texas. It's always fun making your ride the way you want it. Good luck on future mods, keep us informed. Ride often and safe.

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is that an old sportster tank, i put one of those on my 66 bonneville bobber back in the day
yes pauli it's a sportster tank, I went with the "frisco" tank because of the way it mounts directly to the backbone with a few bungs

I was just given some 20" ape hangers from a friend of mine
I guess the next project will be getting some extended lines to use them
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